• Position of the profile in the length direction is adjustable
  • Thickness of the tip is adjustable
  • Length of the scrape is adjustable
  • Thickness of the back of the scrape is adjustable while the thickness of the tip stays the same, this is by far the most important (and unique) adjustment of the tip profiler
  • Knife is round and can be used on multiple positions, the lifetime of a knife is thousands of reeds
  • Reed can be rotated 180° without taking the reed from the tip profiler so the profile on the 2 halves of the reed are exactly on the same position
  • Can profile only the reed tip area in a V like shape (more at the sides than in the middle)
  • Standard templates and Custom templates available
  • Built in transport case
  • Dimensions of the profiler are 126mm x 126mm x118mm
  • Weight of the profiler is about 2,2kg