Profiler for all types of oboe reeds

  • Standard templates available and custom templates available
  • Length of the tip is adjustable
  • Position of the collar and length of the profile is adjustable
  • Collar can have a “V” or “W” shape
  • Thickness of the tip is adjustable
  • Force on the knife is adjustable
  • Thickness of the collar is adjustable while the thickness of the tip stays the same, this is by far the most important and unique adjustment of the profiler
  • Knife is round and can be used on multiple positions, the lifetime of a knife is thousands of reeds
  • Reed can be rotated 180° without taking the reed from the profiler, with this function the 2 sides of the reed can be scraped very accurate in relation to each other and it makes the scraping process efficient.
  • It is possibility to profile only the first 1mm or 4mm of the reed tip
  • Profiler has a hard cover for storage or travel
  • Outside dimensions of the profiler are 100mm x 100mm x100mm
  • Weight of the profiler is about 1,4kg / 3 lbs