• INNOVATION BLACK features a patented, proprietary ceramic-fused blade that KYOCERA inventors developed for optimal cutting performance while enhancing the durability 2x more than traditional ceramic blades. An extremely sharp, ultra long-lasting edge combined with an ergonomic uniquely designed soft grip handle, this tool will give any reed maker control. A well-balanced, lightweight truly advanced ceramic knife that will never rust.
  • A versatile tool, the Innovation 3 inch knife, with its smaller pointed shape, will give you the maneuverability in precision cutting tasks such as trimming, scraping & cutting.
  • A unique scraping experience using an innovative ceramic-fused blade that takes the task of scraping to the next level.
  • Lightweight, well-balanced design that reduces hand and wrist fatigue from repetitive reed making tasks.
  • Reduce knife maintenance with a razor-like cutting edge that stays sharper 2x longer than traditional white ceramic blades.
  • Comes complete with the “Edge Guard” to protect your knife for FREE … a $3 value.