Reamer #1 is a traditional taper reamer.  It’s  made with a coarse Diamond Like Coating to establish the basic taper of the inside of the tube.  By using this material,  the tube is perfectly round, leaves no pieces of cane in the tube to be filed and leaves a smooth  unpolished surface that “grabs” the bocal better.   There is more surface area and a slight cushion effect that is left after using this reamer.

However, this is not the only reason to use this reamer.  Its designed to fit the diameter of the end of your  reed,  matching the diameter of  YOUR  bocal at 7-8 mm from the tip of your bocal.  By doing this, the reed will fit perfectly on the bocal.   It is very important for fit and seal to match your bocal because every bocal is handmade and therefore is unique and needs to be individually matched to your reed.

Reamer #2 is smaller and smoother.  It is designed to go up inside the reed tube and smooth the area around the tip of the bocal, matching  the diameter of the tip of your  bocal.

By adjusting the reed to fit your bocal exactly, you get a good seal which promotes better resonance and less resistance.  This is not possible with traditional styled reamers!