The next invention in the KJI REED MAKING SYSTEM is Revolutionary Diamond Files,  made from highly polished round diamonds.  The surface of each diamond is smooth, however the round edge is exceptionally crisp and sharp. This allows the file to work very well without a lot of pressure and leaves a smooth result.  Typical Diamond files are random sized diamonds glued onto metal.  These types of files leave a rough surface and are not easily controlled.  The KJI RMS diamond files are attached to a bamboo handle.  This bamboo handle is very light weight and water tolerant, which gives you great feel and control while filing your reeds!  Also, the diamonds are arranged in an organized pattern that leaves space between them for the dust to easily be cleaned out or even fall out.

2 SIZES – 6mm & 10mm WIDTHs

2 GRITS – 140 (Medium) & 200 (Fine)