• Select, aged Red Maple,  Black Lacquer body / Gentleman’s Model (5 piece)
  • French (metal) bell ring
  • Natural rubber lining in the wing and small bore of the boot
  • Nickel silver water tubes extending into the bore
  • Full German key system with GOLD plating
  • Rollers for right little finger F and A♭ & right thumb Bb and F#
  • Rollers for left little finger E♭ and D♭ & left thumb low C/D & WK/C#
  • Right hand whisper key lock
  • High D and High E keys (offset)
  • Original owner Stephen Paulson, Principal SF Sym. Orch. (YouTube Master Class Video)
  • Second Owner, Martin Kuuskmann – International Bassoon Soloist
  • Current owner – retired NYC professional player / Broadway
  • Leitzinger Platinum M Bocal & Fox 2 CVX Bocal
  • Standard Fox hard case