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Ultimate Reed Finishing Machine

1. Template

2. Plaque

3. Mandrel Assembly

4. Template Position Knob

5. Blade Carriage

6. Thickness Adjustment

7. Thickness Adjustment Locking Screw

8.  Blade

9.  Reed Tip Line

1. Correct Position for Bassoon Reed prior to Profiling

1.1 Put the Reed onto the Mandrel Assembly (Fig. 3)

1.2 Slide the Mandrel Assembly toward the plaque (Fig.2)
 and insert the plaque between the reed blades and position the reed tip
at the Reed Tip Line (Fig. 9)

1.3 Align the reed on the plaque and then tighten the locking screw on the
Mandrel Assembly (Fig. 3)

2. Profiling the Reed

Note: In order to prevent the edges of the reed from breaking off,
start the profiling on one edge of the reed and profile to just past the center line.
Then go to the other edge of the reed and profile back to just past the centerline
from the other direction.

2.1 Profile the reed by using the Blade Carriage (Fig. 5) the entire length of its
travel starting at the point closest to the wire on the reed.

2.2 Turn the Template Position Knob (Fig. 4)
one half turn for each stroke of the carriage.

2.3 When one side is complete, loosen the Mandrel Assembly (Fig. 3)
 and reposition the reed on the other side as before (See 1.)
 and repeat the profiling process on the other side of the reed.

3. Thickness Adjustment

3.1 Loosen the Thickness Adjustment Locking Screw (Fig. 7)

3.2 Adjust the Thickness Adjustment (Fig. 6) to the desired thickness.
Turning toward the (-) will make the profile thinner, while turning toward the (+)
 will make the profile thicker.

3.3 DO NOT FORGET Once adjusted, tighten the Locking Screw (Fig. 7)

4. Changing Templates (Fig. 1)

4.1 Lift the Blade Carriage (Fig. 5) up to gain access to the Template (Fig. 1)

4.2 Remove the screws holding the Template in place.

4.3 Pry the template up and remove.

4.4 Put new template onto holder while carefully aligning the centering pins.

4.5 Replace screws (Do not over-tighten)

5. Changing the Plaque (Fig. 2)

5.1 Lift the Blade Carriage (Fig. 5) up and away from the plaque.

5.2 Remove the 2 screws that hold the plaque in place.

5.3 Remove the plaque

5.4 Replace new plaque being careful to align the 2 centering pins.

5.5 Replace screws (Do not over-tighten)

IMPORTANT: (Regarding Item 4 and 5) Do not use any tools
and / or force to replace the Template or Plaque because any
damage to the alignment pins might cause either to not be in the correct position.


Last Updated: 04/19/17
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