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Ultimate Reed Finishing Machine
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Bassoon Reed Tip  Profiler
FRTM   $1399


Ultimate Reed Finishing Machine

This unique machine completely finishes 85% of the bassoon reed blade with exacting precision by utilizing a mini gouging blade coupled with a round roller bearing to follow the template. The threaded drive system rotates the reed during the process permitting very precise profiling of the blade. The "plaque" is specially designed to allow the blade to remain flat and not split. The "mandrel" is flexible also to allow the reed to "relax" during the process. All of this adds up to incredible precision!                                                                   
Now with 2 Templates !
FRTPM   $1999

Replacement Blade      FRTPMB  $99

Additional Templates   FRTPMT $349

 Gouger FRGM   $1699
with Guillotine


Profiler FRPM  $1499


FRBG $199


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