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George Rieger
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        1953 Georg Rieger began playing the bassoon and thus it became necessary to obtain tools for reed-making. Through his training in tool manufacturing he was already familiar with the production procedures and so he was able to make the tools he needed for his own use. His music teacher supported him in this venture and he went on to produce strenghtened tools and machinery for making bassoon reeds. At that time there was only one other company in the former East Germany which produced such machinery.
        1954 Georg Rieger completed work on the first gouging and profiling machine for the bassoon, which he made exclusively by hand. Thus a small "factory" was established, which at that time was still situated in a shed behind his house.
        1972 the first workship was built.
        1980 after having spent 29 years working for Daimler Benz in Gaggenau, this "tinkering" in his spare time turned into a full-time employment in the shape of the Georg Rieger Company. This step into selft-employment was dependant upon the building of larger premises in order to accomodate the necessary machinery and materials.
        1985 Georg Rieger's son Johann Rieger was appointed foreman of the company, as the demand for tools, gouging machines and prepared wood was ever increasing.
        1988 Rieger and son appointed an additonal member to workforce.
        1990 the Georg Rieger company became Georg Rieger Ltd.
        1991 further extension of the workshop was needed in order to satisfy customer demand. Georg Rieger Ltd. currently employs four permanent, full-time members of the staff and two temporary workers. They now distribute our tools and machinery world-wide. In the four decades that he has worked to built up the company the technical development of the company's products has advanced, with particular attention paid to ensure their quality, longevity and function. These three principles are to this day their top priority, indeed a loyal and international clientele confirms the efficacy of these principles.


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