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The Finest in Double-Reed Supplies.
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Reeds 'n Stuff
     Bassoon & Oboe Tools, Machines & Accessories

Folding Bassoon Stand
Lightweight Black Anodized Aluminum
Opens and Closes easily/ no removable fasteners!
Heavily padded on contact surfaces with the

1 lb 10 oz       UHBSF       $199


10 Bassoon or 20 Oboe Reeds
with Hydrometer

Bassoon  UHBRC10  $149

 Oboe  UHORC20  $179


Bassoon Gouging Machine

 UHBGM   $1599


Bassoon Cane Profiling Machine

 UHBPM   $1899


Bassoon Cane Guillotine
Trims gouged cane to length.

UHBG $419
Bassoon & Oboe Reed Guillotine
Reed tip Cutter

 Bassoon UHBTC $229
 Oboe    UHOTC $229

Bassoon or Oboe Pre Gouging Machine
Removes the bulk of unwanted material,
saves wear on your Gouger Machine & Blade


Bassoon       UHBPGM  $999

Oboe          UHOPGM   $899

 Bassoon Reed Tip Profiling Machine

 UHBTPM   $1799

Oboe Gouging Machine – The ultimate machine for oboists set at 10.5 mm diameter. Unique cylindrical blade provides accurate, smooth cuts and easy replacement. Roller bearings throughout insure smooth operation and extremely long life. Comes with guillotine, adjustment wrenches and radius gauge.               UHGMO   $1649
Oboe Tip Profiling Machine – Profile is an American Scrape. This machine makes each reed blank tip identical. Thickness of profile is adjustable.

   UHTPMO  $1799



Oboe or Bassoon Pre Gouger – Precision brass guide with fixed blade and pusher rod. Save your gouging machine blade with this unique, inexpensive pre gouger.

 Oboe      UHOPG  $129
Bassoon      UHBPG  $189


Hardness Tester – Extremely sensitive analog  gauge and solid construction allows you to accurately determine the hardness / quality of the cane.

Oboe Version       UHHTO $599

Bassoon Version    UHHTB $599

Sharpening Strop – Perfect for sharpening your knives. Three different grains of leather and one side of stone enable you to get an incredible edge.   
UHSTDLX      $89

Oboe Tube Measuring Gauge

Accurately measures diameter of Oboe / English Horn tube cane. Allows the user to see the overall roundness of each tube.

         UHOTG    $189

"Pantzier" Reed Knife  UHKNFP  $119   

Features rounded tip for  exacting work (radius to radius contact allows for pinpoint scraping) Flat one side / beveled on other. HQ German steel.

"Toronto" Reed Knife    UHKNF  $89

Extremely comfortable flat one side and beveled on side knife. Extremely sharp and holds an edge well.


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