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Brass Wire for Reed Making  

2X Wire 100 Feet of 22 Gauge solid brass. Does not break as easily and holds the tube more securely.

22 Gauge
2XW22    $10

Miller Pro Brass Reed Wire

 Very Flexible, Very Strong
22 Gauge
 PBW22  $30    1 Lb    Aprox. 540 Ft.

20 Gauge
 PBW20  $11      1/4 Lb   Aprox. 84 Ft

24 Gauge
 PBW24  $12     1/4 Lb  Aprox. 212 Ft

Rieger Bassoon Brass Wire
 0.7 mm (approx. 22 Gauge)      RBRW7
 0.6 mm ( approx. 24 Gauge)     RBRW6

                   200 grams. $25
Rieger Oboe Brass Wire
Oboe Reed Wire 0.4 mm (aprox.26 gauge)
                   ROW4  $ 13
Oboe Reed Wire 0.3 mm (aprox.29 gauge)
                   ROW3  $ 13
              Aprox. 1oz of wire


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