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Tip Cutters  for Reed Making  
Reed Tip Cutter for Bassoon and Contrabassoon
- Trim your reeds perfectly every time! With markings in mm’s, you can make your reeds precisely the same length every time.       

   # RBTC   $219


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Oboe Reed Tip Cutter
– Cuts tips at precisely the right length and cleanly, regardless of the thinness of the tip. The mm markings allow for length adjustments over a wide range of settings.
          # ROTC      $229

Reeds N Stuff

Bassoon Reed Guillotine
Reed tip Cutter

Bassoon UHBTC $229
Oboe  UHOTC   $229


Bassoon Tip Cutter

marked in mm
New & Improved

SBTC  $169

Miller Pro End Nipper /Tip Cutter
5" end nipper
19mm Cut
              PPEN $49

  6 " End Nippers

Drop Forged Steel
Heat Treated
Vinyl Grips
1 Inch Cutting Edge
Polished Head
Excellent choice for cutting tips of Contrabassoon and Bassoon Reeds
Meets A.N.S.I. Tool Standards

                 2XPEN   $12.00


    4 " End Nippers

This high quality and precise end nipper is the ultimate choice for clean and accurate reed tip cutting. The extra wide cutting blade is perfect for either Bassoon or Contrabassoon reeds and also precise enough for Oboe and English Horn reeds. Double Leaf Springs with Anti-Static Handles.

                     BNPLRS  $89

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