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Seat Straps
Neck Straps
Cup Straps
Bassoon, Oboe, English Horn

Synthesis Model

Easy Model

Zappatini ...has been supplying harnesses for saxophones, bassoons and basset horns since 1985. Gilberto Zappatini’s own unsatisfactory experience with harnesses while playing the tenor sax prompted him to seek new solutions.

Synthesis Model
The advantages of the synthesis model– which
is in fact a synthesis of the easy harness and the traditional neck strap – signal a clear improvement: at last bassoon players can now enjoy maximum freedom of movement together with perfect ergonomics.

      ZAPSYN (S,M,L)   $119
    Easy Model
Harnesses like the easy model provide a high level of comfort, relieve neck pressure, prevent tenseness and help to ward off headaches and migraines in sensitive people.

         ZAPEASY  $69

50 mm Black Nylon Band, Very Light / Comfortable

 KBBHS  Small Harness – $30
 KBBHM  Med Harness – $30
 KBBHL  Large Harness – $30
 KBBHXL  X Large Harness – $30
 KBBHXXL XX Large Harness – $30


Bassoon Seat Strap with Hook

Black Nylon

2XBSSH       $20

Bassoon Cup Seat Strap

Black Leather

KBBSSC       $55


Bassoon seat strap, leather with hook, adjustable, Wide strap for no slipping, brown
                  BGB05   $39

Bassoon seat strap, leather with adjustable cup, brown
                  BGB06    $69

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Neck Strap for Bassoon 

 Elk / Light Brown

KBBNSM   $80
Neck Strap for Bassoon 

Extra wide genuine leather neck piece

22ct gold slider

KBBNS Neck Strap -$50


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Bassoon Yoke, Large Black

Bassoon leather Neck Strap, black

              BGB04     $39

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Bassoon Shoulder strap, Black
Bassoon harness , black
BGB10 Large
BGB11 Ladies                     $40
BGB12 Child
BGB13 XLarge
BGB14 XL Ladies

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Oboe Leather Strap, Elastic with leather pad
                   BGO33E   $29
English Horn Leather Strap with leather Pad
                   BGO3OE   $39
English Horn Leather Strap
                   BGO3O     $39

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