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Miller Pro Spiral Reamer
Taper matches our Pro mandrels & reamers

                  Bassoon  PRS    $79

             Contra Bassoon  PCRS    $79

Miller Pro Diamond like Reamer
Taper matches our Pro mandrels & reamers

                   Bassoon  PRD   $69

                Contra Bassoon  PCRD   $69

Miller Pro Throat Reamer
 PRT  $39

Miller Pro Reamer
 PRY   $69

2X Reamer Very sharp, spiral reamer cuts cleanly wet or dry. Taper is perfect for Heckel bocals. Cannot over ream because the ultimate diameter is the perfect size. The longer point reams a bit in the throat, providing the proper throat volume for richer, darker sound.

        Bassoon            2XR      $30 

 2X Diamond Like Reamer Taper matches our 2x mandrels & reamers for a good fit on your bocals.

              2XRD    $40

Rieger Bassoon Spiral Reamer
                RBRS   $89
Rieger Contra Bassoon Spiral Reamer
RCBRS   $99
 Rieger  Bassoon Diamond Reamer
                  RBRD    $89
 Rieger Contra Bassoon Diamond Reamer
                  RCBRD   $99


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