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Plaques for Bassoon & Oboe
Cutting Block

 Miller Pro Plaque Light

Highest Quality L.E.D.
Adjustable Brightness
Protective Storage Case
Spare Battery set

PPQL $39    Bassoon or Oboe


More info

Rieger Plaque    Bassoon

This large triangular plastic plaque is big enough so you do not have to move it around to work on the entire blade and protects the knife edge. Also good for Contra, Black or Blue               
          Black    # RBPLQ   $4
           Blue    # RBPLQB  $4


Rieger Plaque   Oboe

      Black      # ROPLQ $4
      Transparent  # ROPLQT $4

2X Plaques

Bassoon Black         2XBPQ  $4
Bassoon Transparent  2XBPQT  $4

Oboe  Black          2XOPQ  $3
Oboe  Transparent   2XOPQT  $3



Flat Metal Plaques

Bassoon        GBPQ  $3

Oboe         GOPQ  $3



Bassoon Plastic    RRBPQ   $3
Oboe    Plastic    RROPQ   $3


 Metal Bassoon Plaque
 Convex  Diamond Shape    BNBPQMD  $18
 Convex  Arrow Shape       BNBPQMA  $18

Plaques /Convex

Ebony Bassoon           2XBPQE   $8

Metal Bassoon           2XBPQMA $8

Metal Oboe              2XOPQM   $8

Cutting Block & Easel

Bassoon Easel         RRBE  $33

Oboe Easel         RROE  $18

Cutting Block          2XCB  $12                 


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