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MyGrip an exciting new accessory for the bassoon that "sticks" to the body of the bassoon on the long joint. It cushions and takes up the space between the hand / fingers and the body of the bassoon. Benefits are better mobility of the left thumb and index finger, better control of the instrument while standing and is great for younger players to get a better "Grip" on the instrument. Its available in 5 different thicknesses and several different colors to match your bassoon. Hypoallergenic, washable, and easily removable ... it will not harm the instrument's finish.

Available Clear, Brown Mahogany Light Mahogany & Red Mahogany

TFMG2     2 mm thickness    $17.00
TFMG5     5 mm thickness     $20.00
TFMG8     8 mm thickness     $22.00
TFMG12     12 mm thickness   $27.00
TFMG16     16 mm thickness   $33.00


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