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The Finest in Double-Reed Supplies.
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Doublereed Measuring Tools
 Dial Indicators
Hardness Tester
Oboe Tube Diameter


Miller ProTools Dial Indicator

Dial .01 mm markings or .001 inch
        Specify Metric or Inch

Bassoon          PBDI $149
Pin 1st mark 3mm, all others 4mm

Oboe             PODI $149
Pin 2mm markings


Dial Indicator, with stand / 0.01 mm markings

Pin 1st mark 3mm, all others 4mm

            RBDI $ 299

Winstead Dial Indicator Pin

Pin 1st mark 2mm from tip, 10 @ 3mm

For Miller Pro Dial Indicator
                                 PDIPW    $35
For Rieger Dial Indicator
                                 PDIPWR  $35



Mitutoyo indicator
wood storage case

Dial 0.01 mm markings

Bassoon Pin 2.5 mm markings
 CHDIB $249    Oboe Pin 1 mm markings      CHDIO $249



Reeds N Stuff

 Oboe Tube Measuring Gauge, Analog Dial

Accurately measures Oboe tube diameter in millimeters

UHOTG   $179

Reeds N Stuff

Hardness Tester  Bassoon     UHHTB  $599

Hardness Tester Oboe         UHHTO  $599


Ruler – 6" long marked in inches and millimeters.

            2XRU   $4.00



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