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Bassoon,Contra,Oboe & Eng Horn


Miller Pro Bassoon Mandrel
PBM  $29

Miller Pro Contra Bassoon Mandrel
PCBM  $29
Miller Pro Forming Mandrel
PFM $34
Miller Pro Contra Forming Mandrel

Miller Pro
Bassoon Forming Mandrel 10 Pin Set &
Drying Rack                     
PFMS  $149

Contra Forming Mandrel 6 Pin Set &
Drying Rack                 PCFMS  $89

2X Reed Mandrel – Small, comfortable handle, perfect for bassoon case, mated with a solid brass tip, perfectly machined to match the Heckel bocal. Scored with two lines to check the reaming depth … one for when reed is dry and one when it is wet.

2XM       $15

2X Forming Mandrel – Long solid brass tip allows easy forming of tube during reed making. The brass material allows the reed to slip onto the mandrel better than other materials. Larger handle makes the forming process comfortable.

                          2XFM      $20

2XReed Forming Mandrel Set

Developed in conjunction with Eric Stomberg, Professor at University of Kansas & Interlochen Arts Academy, this set includes 10 removable tapered brass pins for correct tube forming, handle for easy holding while forming and a solid base.
 2XMS $ 100


Rieger Bassoon Mandrel
RBM $34

Rieger  Contra Bassoon Mandrel
RCBM $39

Rieger Bassoon Forming Mandrel
RBFM $49

Rieger Bassoon Mandrel with 
Reed Ejector

RBMEJ  $89
2X Oboe Mandrel
                  2XOM   $18

Rigotti Oboe Mandrel
                RROM $18

Rigotti English Horn Mandrel
         RREHM $19

Glotin Oboe Mandrel
  GOM $79

Glotin English Horn Mandrel
GEHM  $79

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