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  Machines for Reed Making

Tip Profilers
Cane Profilers
Pre Gouger
Reed Winding

Ultimate Tip Profiler

FRTM   $1399


Ultimate Reed Finishing Machine

FRTPM   $1999

with 2 templates
More Info

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Rieger Tip Profiling Machine for Bassoon -
This is the ultimate machine for any bassoonist. It makes every reed tip identical and allows thickness adjustments as well. A must for any serious reed maker.
# RBTPM   $1799
instruction manual

Gig Bags for Rieger Machines

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 Reeds N Stuff
Bassoon Reed Tip Profiling

 UHBTPM   $1799

 Reeds N Stuff   Oboe Tip Profiling Machine – Profile is an American Scrape. This machine makes each reed blank tip identical. Thickness of profile is adjustable.

   UHTPMO  $1799

 Ultimate Profiler FRPM  $1499

Rieger Profiling Machine for Bassoon -
Shown in closeup, the 2 scoring blades make a perfect center line for folding and a clean collar. The profile is thicker in the middle and is set up for 120 mm cane. Overall thickness can be adjusted as well as the taper
# RBPM   $1799
instruction manual

Gig Bags for Rieger Machines

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Gig Bags for Rieger Machines
Protect your investment

Dial Indicator           #RBGBD $79
Tip Profiling Machine    #RBGBT $99
Profiling Machine      #RBGBP $119
Gouging Machine       #RBGBG $129

 Reeds N Stuff

Bassoon Cane Profiling Machine

 UHBPM   $1899


  Ultimate Gouger FRGM   $1699
with Guillotine

Mvc-018f.jpg (24314 bytes)

 Rieger Gouging Machine for Bassoon -
Beautifully simple machine with guillotine set for 120 mm. Comes with a 24 mm radius gauge and a 120 mm bed. Makes a gouge that is thicker in the middle and thinner on the sides. Thickness adjustment marked in mm's
# RBGM   $1699
instruction manual

Gig Bags for Rieger Machines

 Reeds N Stuff

Bassoon Gouging Machine

 UHBGM   $1599

Cuts gouged cane to length.
Guillotine FRBG $199
 Reeds N Stuff
Bassoon Cane Guillotine
Trims gouged cane to length.

UHBG $399

Reeds N Stuff
Bassoon or Oboe Pre Gouging Machine
Removes the bulk of unwanted material,
saves wear on your Gouger Machine & Blade


Bassoon       UHBPGM  $999

Oboe          UHOPGM   $899

Reeds N Stuff
Oboe or Bassoon Pre Gouger
– Precision brass guide with fixed blade and pusher rod. Save your gouging machine blade with this unique, inexpensive pre gouger.

 Oboe      UHOPG  $129
Bassoon      UHBPG  $189

Mvc-017f.jpg (19150 bytes)

 Rieger  Reed Winding Machine -
aka "Wickelmachine" - This unique machine wraps bassoon reeds with even tension and makes a perfect "turk's head" every time. Comes with a large spool of red cotton thread. Cotton is better than nylon because it does not stretch, providing even tension on the tube.

 # RBWM   $1499
instruction manual
Bassoon Cane Scoring Machine

Scores GSP Bassoon Cane completely through. Depth adjustment.       BNSM $139 

Rieger Scoring Machine for Bassoon

# RBSM   $1299


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