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The Finest in Double-Reed Supplies.
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Reedmaking Knifes
Reed Geek

Black Blade Knives  $37
White Blade Knives  $27

Now with Blade Sheath!

Kyocera Ceramic Knives have many advantages over traditional steel blades. Sharper than steel knives, these ultra-hard, ultra-sharp knives from Kyocera Ceramics hold their edge longer than steel, and they can last for years without sharpening

See the Kyocera page for more information

 Rieger / Graf

Reed Knife, Double Hollow Ground
                      RBKNFL   $110
 Reed Knife, Single Bevel, Left Handed
                      RBKNFBL  $110
 Reed Knife, Single Bevel, Right Handed
                      RBKNFBR  $110


2X Knifes – Double hollow ground knife. High quality steel will stay sharp and the double hollow ground shape allows for precise reed finishing.                     

                            2XKSC2  $50      

Single Bevel
Right Hand         2XKSC3R $50

Left  Hand         2XKSC3L  $50

Hobby Knife & Blades
Knife with  Five # 11 Blades  2XK    $4
5 Replacement #11 Blades     2XKB  $2

 Rieger / Graf Reed Scraping Knife
Folding Model

Double Hollow Ground design with secure folding action ... fits easily into instrument case or tool kit.   
# RBKNFF    $159

 Bonazza Double Hollow Ground Knife
with leather sheath

    BNKNF      $69

Reeds N Stuff
"Pantzier" Reed Knife  UHKNFP  $119  

Features rounded tip for exacting work (radius to radius contact allows for pinpoint scraping) Flat one side / beveled on other. HQ German steel.

"Toronto" Reed Knife    UHKNF  $89

Extremely comfortable flat one side and beveled on side knife. Extremely sharp and holds an edge well. 

2XReed Swiss Army Knife
Pocket size
4" closed, 6 1/2" open
2XSAK  $30


School & Airplane Safe Reed Scraping Tool

UTRG $58

The DoubleGeek Gen II "Special" builds on the success of the DoubleGeek, and answering calls for a longer handle model for those players that really want to use the tool like a traditional knife.
 Includes neoprene carry bag  with sewn in micro-fiber cleaning cloth, storage container, stainless steel and black palm handle.

 UTSG  $99

Reed Geek "Double Geek" GEN II video


UTDG  $70


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