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The Finest in Double-Reed Supplies.
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Reed Making Knifes
Reed Geek
Sharpening Tools


Black Blade Knives  $37
White Blade Knives  $27

Now with Blade Sheath!

Kyocera Ceramic Knives have many advantages over traditional steel blades. Sharper than steel knives, these ultra-hard, ultra-sharp knives from Kyocera Ceramics hold their edge longer than steel, and they can last for years without sharpening

See the Kyocera page for more information

 Rieger / Graf

Reed Knife, Double Hollow Ground
                      RBKNFL   $110
 Reed Knife, Single Bevel, Left Handed
                      RBKNFBL  $110
 Reed Knife, Single Bevel, Right Handed
                      RBKNFBR  $110


2X Knifes – Double hollow ground knife. High quality steel will stay sharp and the double hollow ground shape allows for precise reed finishing.                     

                            2XKSC2  $50      

Single Bevel
Right Hand         2XKSC3R $50

Left  Hand         2XKSC3L  $50


Hobby Knife & Blades
Knife with  Five # 11 Blades  2XK   $4
5 Replacement #11 Blades     2XKB  $2
2X Reed Swiss Army Knife
Pocket size
4" closed, 6 1/2" open
                            2XSAK  $30

 Rieger / Graf Reed Scraping Knife
Folding Model

Double Hollow Ground design with secure folding action ... fits easily into instrument case or tool kit.   
# RBKNFF    $159

 Bonazza Double Hollow Ground Knife
with leather sheath

    BNKNF      $69


Reeds N Stuff
"Pantzier" Reed Knife  UHKNFP  $119  

Features rounded tip for exacting work (radius to radius contact allows for pinpoint scraping) Flat one side / beveled on other. HQ German steel.

"Toronto" Reed Knife    UHKNF  $89

Extremely comfortable flat one side and beveled on side knife. Extremely sharp and holds an edge well. 



Reed Geek
School & Airplane Safe Reed Scraping Tool

UTRG $58



UTDG  $70

The DoubleGeek Gen II "Special" builds on the success of the DoubleGeek, and answering calls for a longer handle model for those players that really want to use the tool like a traditional knife.
 Includes neoprene carry bag  with sewn in micro-fiber cleaning cloth, storage container, stainless steel and black palm handle.

 UTSG  $99

Reed Geek "Double Geek" GEN II video


Sharpening Strop
Perfect for sharpening your knives. Three different grains of leather and one side of stone enable you to get an incredible edge.   
UHSTDLX      $89


Sharpening Stone
German version of the "hard Arkansas" stone for sharpening knife or machine blades.
(150 mm x 50 mm x 17 mm)                           RKSS  $49


 India Sharpening Stone

Double sided / Coarse & Fine
1" X 2" X 6"

          2XKSS     $29



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