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Contra Bassoon Tools  
Miller Pro
  Contra Spiral Reamer
Taper matches our Pro mandrel

             Contra Bassoon  PCRS    $79

Miller Pro
  Contra Diamond like Reamer
Taper matches our Pro mandrels & reamers

               Contra Bassoon  PCRD   $69

Miller Pro
 Contra Bassoon Mandrel

                         PCBM  $29
Miller Pro
 Contra Forming Mandrel

                       PCBFM $34

Miller Pro
Contra Bassoon Forming Mandrel 6 Pin Set

                        PCFMS $89


Miller Pro Tools Reed Drying Board

6 pin, shape matches  our mandrels & reamers
Hard  Wood Block
      Contra Bassoon  PCBDB6 $59

Rieger Contra Bassoon Spiral Reamer
RCBRS   $99

 Rieger Contra Bassoon Diamond Reamer
      RCBRD   $99

Rieger Contra Bassoon Mandrel
RCBM   $39

 Rieger Contrabassoon Shaper Tips
fits the shaper handle listed below.

K1, K2 ,K3 or K4

  RCBST  $149
Contrabassoon Shaper measurements


Shaper Handle for Bassoon & Contrabassoon
- Fold over style shaper with interchangeable tips. Clamp serves to protect hand when shaping as well as secure the cane to the tool.









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