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The Finest in Double-Reed Supplies.
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Double Reed Lubrication
Cork Grease
Key Oil
Bore Oil
Maintenance Items

Directions   Large  HS3
Directions   Small  HS1


Small for Oboe & English Horn             HS1    $11.95

Large For Bassoon  
  HS3   $16.95


Synthetic Cork Grease

     HTCL  $ 7.00 

 Latromba Cork Grease
LTCG    $5.00

Cork Grease

     2XCG $ 1.00 

 Key Oil

 Light        HTKLL    $ 7.00
 Heavy        HTKLH    $ 7.00

 Latromba Bore Oil
LTBO   $7.00

Tone Hole Brush
5/16       2XTHB   $ 4.49

Reed & Tone Hole
3/16    2XTHBS    $ 4.49

Screwdriver Precision German Quality

 2XSD         $9.00



8    oz    Spray       2XSS $4
8 oz Concentrate  2XSSBL $8
2 oz Concentrate  2XSSBS $4


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