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The Finest in Double-Reed Supplies.
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Miller Pro Tools
Precision Bassoon Reed Making Tools
 & Accessories
NEW Light Plaque! Bassoon & Oboe!
Duco Cement
Miller Pro tools
The Highest Quality Made in USA & Germany!
The Mandrels, Reamers, Drying & Forming  Racks all Have
That Special Matching Shape.
Miller Pro Pliers
Ergonomic Comfort Grips
with tube forming hole
wire cutter

PPLRS  $55

Miller Pro Mandrel

PBM  $29

Miller Pro Forming Mandrel

PFM $34

Miller Pro Spiral Reamer
 matches mandrel &  diamond like reamer

PPRS $79

Miller Pro Diamond like Reamer
 matches mandrel & reamers

PPRD $69

Miller Pro End Nipper /Tip Cutter
5" end nipper
19mm Cut
              PPEN $49

Miller Pro Reed Drying Rack 6 Pins
pin shape matches mandrel & reamers
cherry wood block

PBDB6 $59

Miller Pro Reed Makers Drying Rack 30 Pins
pin shape matches mandrel & reamers
cherry wood block

  Special Order    PBDB30 $249

Miller Pro
Reed Forming Mandrel 10 Pin Set
cherry wood block

PFMS $149

Contra Bassoon Forming Mandrel 6 Pin Set

PCFMS  $89



Miller Pro Contra Bassoon Mandrel

PCBM $29

Miller Pro Contra Bassoon  Forming Mandrel




Miller ProTools Dial Indicator

Dial .01 mm markings or .001 inch
        Specify Metric or Inch

Bassoon          PBDI $149
Pin 1st mark 3mm, all others 4mm

Oboe             PODI $149
Pin 2mm markings


Miller Pro  Brass Reed Wire 22 Gauge

1Lb Spool Very Flexible, Very Strong
Aprox. 540 Ft.

PBW22  $30

PBW20  $11      1/4 Lb   20 gauge

PBW24  $12      1/4 Lb   24 gauge



Duco Cement for reed making

1 oz  Tube   2XDCT  $3


 Miller Pro Plaque Light

Highest Quality L.E.D.
Adjustable Brightness
Protective Storage Case
Spare Battery set

PPQL $39            Bassoon or Oboe


If the light becomes unstable, replace the batterys!

Replacement Battery Set



Special Features

From "off" press & hold to brighten.

From "on" press & hold to dim.

Continue to hold slow blink, medium blink, fast (strobe) blink and

"SOS" Blink.




Battery Replacement

  1. Separate the X-Light case halves by unsnapping them at the base by the key ring with a coin
  2. Replace with two CR-2016  lithium coin cells with the plus (+) side up
  3. Realign case halves and snap shut,
    batteries must be centered



Last Updated: 04/19/17
Copyright ?2001
Miller Marketing Co., Inc.

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