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Used Bocals and Double Reed Accessories


Heckel Bocals
C 2              $599
B3                $499
C2V              $499
CC V1 N        $599  silver Plated

Leitzinger Bocals
VM2            $599

Moosmann Bocals  
AW-1              $499  English Bend

Bell Bocals
CCT1              $499 

Misc. Bocals

Heckel Bocals

z - German Silver Hard
n - German Silver Soft
g - Gold Brass
ag - Sterling Silver
au - Gold 8 kt
14 - Gold 14 kt
18 - Gold Gold 18 kt

Thick Wall - c  cc  ce  cce  vc  vcc  vce  vcce    b  bb
Thin Wall - cd   cde   vcde    bd  bbd

XL bocals are specially designed to improve response and resonance in the higher register

 Rieger Tip Profiling Machine   Bassoon
 Trade in from Lenny Hindell
(Retired NY Philharmonic)

Serviced by Mr. Poe





 Rieger Profiling Machine / Bassoon
 Gently used excellent condition!


Shaper Tip & Handle
Shaper is marked #1
Aprox.   14.85mm at tip
             9.4mm   at collar, 30mm from tip
             8.8mm   mid point, 45mm from tip
             9.4mm   at butt,   60mm from tip


 Wiseman Classic Bassoon Case
Like new condition


Heckel not included!


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