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Used Bocals and Double Reed Accessories


Heckel Bocals
C 2              $599
CC 1 N        $599
BD1              $499
B3                $499
C2V              $499

Leitzinger Bocals
VM2            $599

Fox Bocals  

Bell Bocals
CCT1              $499 
CD1                $399

Misc. Bocals

Heckel Bocals

z - German Silver Hard
n - German Silver Soft
g - Gold Brass
ag - Sterling Silver
au - Gold 8 kt
14 - Gold 14 kt
18 - Gold Gold 18 kt

Thick Wall - c  cc  ce  cce  vc  vcc  vce  vcce    b  bb
Thin Wall - cd   cde   vcde    bd  bbd

XL bocals are specially designed to improve response and resonance in the higher register



 Rieger Profiling Machine / Bassoon
 Gently used excellent condition!


Shaper Tip & Handle
Shaper is marked #1
Aprox.   14.85mm at tip
             9.4mm   at collar, 30mm from tip
             8.8mm   mid point, 45mm from tip
             9.4mm   at butt,   60mm from tip


Rieger Dial Indicator

This was only used for
 Demo &   Display  

                   $249                  Reg. $299


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