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Neuranter Paris
Cane & Reeds for
Oboe, English Horn, Bassoon &

This outstanding French cane has been awarded the prestigious "Prix Artisanat" du Salon de la Musique, Paris 2001 testifying to its quality and consistcncy. Philippe Hanon, solo bassoonist with the l’Orchestra National de France and Marc Trenel, solo bassoonist with the l’Orchestra de Paris assist Neuranter in the selection and processing of the cane. Characteristics of this cane are flexibility and warm sound.

Contrabassoon Reed  /Pro         NCBR    $29.00

Oboe Cane, Gouged                              NOG  $2.79

Oboe Cane, Gouged & Shaped             NOGS  $3.49

Oboe Cane, Tube 10-10.5                 NOT  $299/kg

English Horn Cane, Gouged                   NEHG $2.99

English Horn Cane, Gouged & Shaped  NEHGS $3.79

English Horn Cane, Tube 11-12         NEHT $229/kg

Bassoon Cane, Gouged               NBG  $2.69

Bassoon Cane, Gouged & Profiled 
                                               NBGP $4.99

Bassoon Cane, Gouged, Shaped & Profiled                                   NBGSP   $5.49

Bassoon Cane, Tube 25              NBT $109 / kg

Contrabassoon Cane, Gouged               NCBG   $4.69

Contrabassoon Cane, GSP                NCBGSP  $7.99



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