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Moosmann Bassoon

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Moosmann Bassoon Models
Professional Model M100E
Professional Model M150E
Professional Model M222E 
Professional Model M222CL
Contrabassoon Model 300A 
Contrabassoon Model 333A       Special Order.... New deluxe contra model

Moosmann Student Models
M20     Short Reach
   Middle School
     High School / College

Key Features and Benefits

1. Yugoslavian Mountain Maple Wood … Mountain Maple is the best wood available and is usually reserved for professional instruments from other manufacturers. Moosmann bassoons are made out of this 7-year aged, oil soaked wood  that has a fuller, richer sound quality with much better resonance and projection than other bassoons made with standard maple or plastic / polypropylene.

2. Locking Key for Wing and Long Joints … This lock mechanism provides more stability for the bassoon … helping to protect the tenons of these two joints from stress and damage.

3. Oval Whisper Key Pad … The oval-shaped key allows the bocal to be positioned over a greater range for better intonation.

4. Brass Tenon Caps on all Joints … Brass tenon caps are placed on all of the ends of the bassoon joints. This adds strength to the joints and helps protect them against damage.

5. Lining in Wing and Boot Joints … Moosmann’s unique lining is inside of the wing and the boot joints. This protects the wood from rot due to poor maintenance techniques.

6. Cork on all Joints … Moosmann uses cork on all joints. Cork is easily maintained and is a familiar repair for all technicians, unlike string, which is used by some manufacturers. The use of cork coupled with cylindrical tenon design helps prevent the bassoon from coming apart unexpectedly.

7. Waterproof Pads … Moosmann uses Italian soft leather pads and treats them with a special waterproof process. This process creates a better seal at the tone holes, plus greatly extends the life of the pads.

8. Lining of Tone Holes … All critical tone holes are lined with either Nickel Silver, Sterling Silver or Rubber, including the C# tone hole. These linings not only protect the bassoon from water damage, but also provide a better seal with the pads.

9. Special Pad Seat on Bb and G Tone Holes of Boot Joint … Moosmann has developed a special pad seat on these two tone holes, which are traditionally very difficult to seal. The special seats provide for much better sealing, which will lead to fewer problems over the life of the pad and much easier replacement of the pad.

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