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Moosmann Bassoon



Moosmann manufactures bocals in the same, time-honored tradition that all high quality bocals are made … by hand … out of a single sheet of metal. They are formed around a mandrel; the seam is soldered and is bent into the classic shape. This process assures perfectly consistent thickness and adherence to the specified conical bore.

Excellent Series … These bocals are standard issue for the American Model Moosmann bassoons. The main characteristics of the Excellent Series" bocals are stability and power. They are available in #1 and #2 lengths, "A" or "P" Conus, and either "W" (German Silver) or "DG" (Thin-Walled Brass) variations. The "W" material has a bright, focused and projecting sound, where the "DG" material is a bit warmer with excellent high register response.

Interpret Series … These bocals use a special manufacturing process that does not create the heat that the typical process does and therefore the molecular structure of the metal is unchanged. This process yields a bocal that has greater versatility and diversity of timbres and allows for much greater control. Available in #1 and #2 lengths, these gold-plated bocals use the "DG" material and "A" Conus.


                                                    MBS     Excellent series Bocal, Silver Plated $795

                                                    MBG     Interpret series Bocal, Gold   Plated  $895

                                                                           Contra Bassoon

                                                   MCBS Excellent series Bocal, Silver Plated $1300

                                                   MCBG Interpret series Bocal, Gold   Plated  $1500

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