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Moosmann Accessories



MDG               Distance Guard for Boot Joint                    $169   The Distance Guard is a small, removable disc (much like a handrest) that is attached to the boot joint on the opposite side from the handrest. This disc keeps the bassoon away from the body and clothes while playing in a standing position.

MBH               Extended Suspension / Balance Hanger        $230
This can be added to any bassoon and allows for a higher balance point for the bassoon while standing. It relieves the excess weight in the left hand while performing in a standing position

                                      Handrest                                     $99

                                      Body Lock                                   $50

                                  Bocal Extension                               $18

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MSPK              Adjustable Spike for Bassoon                     $599
Supports the bassoon at the boot cap with an adjustable height and angle spike that couples the instrument to the floor. This eliminates the need for a seat strap and relieves the stress on the left hand and left arm. Also, by acoustically coupling the instrument to the floor, volume and projection are enhanced.
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