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Moosmann Bassoon

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Professional Model 222A

7-Year Aged, Mountain Maple Body, "Riegal" Variety
Silver-Plated, German-Silver Keys
"French Polish" Special Lacquer Finish
Locking Key for Wing and Long Joints
Oval Whisper Key Pad for Adjusting Bocal
Brass Tenon Caps for Strengthening Joints
High F Key
High E Key, Offset Position
High D Key
Ab Bb Trill Mechanism
F# Trill Key, Offset Position
C# Trill Key, Offset Position
Eb Trill Key, Offset Position
C# / D# Trill Mechanism, Long Joint
Double Bb Key
Double C Key, Long Joint, Removable
Tubes Protruding into Bore, Sterling Silver
Roller, Bb Key, Right Thumb
Rollers (2), E Key, Right Thumb
Rollers (2), F# Key, Right Thumb
Roller, G# (Ab) Key, Right Thumb
Rollers, C / D Keys, Long Joint, Left Thumb
Rollers (4) … C# / D# and F / G#
Roller, Special Wide Version, F# Right Little Finger
Connection A / Whisper Key
Whisper Key Lock, Right Thumb
Ball Bearing Pivot Screws
Balance Hanger (Extended Suspension)
Bocals … 2 Excellent Series (AW1 & AW2)
Case, Cover & Accessories

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Special Keywork … All of the keys on the wing and long joints for the left thumb have been carefully re-aligned for same key height, same vent height and even spring tension. The upper register D Key and C Key are individually mounted for greater stability. F, F# and G# (Ab) Keys have been elongated and the G Key restyled for better player comfort. The right hand thumb key cluster now has 6 rollers and the E Key has been made smaller for greater thumb agility.

Acoustic Improvements … The bore of the Model 222A is slightly larger than that of the Model 200A. This provides the instrument with a larger, more resonant sound … ideal for today’s orchestras, where more tone / volume is required. The longer bass joint and the changes in the tone hole dimensions offer increased tuning accuracy in the low register. These acoustical changes add a bit more resistance to the instrument, allowing the player to put more into the instrument and get correspondingly more tone and resonance out of the instrument. For the high register, special inserts are used on the A, C and D vents. The use of these special inserts allows the high notes to speak with ease, in tune and with incredible tone quality.

Ball Bearing Pivot Screw Technology … Moosmann has developed a unique ball bearing pivot screw technology expressly for the Model 222A. Wear experienced with conventional pivot screws is a thing of the past with hardened ball bearings and pivot screws made of high tensile steel. The benefits of the technology is virtually silent mechanism for the life of the instrument, smooth, yet positive, action allows the spring tension to be finely adjusted for each player and binding / loose keys due to climate changes are eliminated.


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