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Moosmann Bassoon

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Professional Model 200A

7-Year Aged, Mountain Maple Body, "Riegal" Variety
Silver-Plated, German-Silver Keys
"French Polish" Special Lacquer Finish
Locking Key for Wing and Long Joints
Oval Whisper Key Pad for Adjusting Bocal
Brass Tenon Caps for Strengthening Joints
High F Key
High E Key, Offset Position
High D Key
Ab Bb Trill Mechanism
F# Trill Key, Offset Position
C# Trill Key, Offset Position
Eb Trill Key, Offset Position
C# / D# Trill Mechanism, Long Joint
Double Bb Key
Double C Key, Long Joint, Removable
Tubes Protruding into Bore, Nickel Silver
Roller, Bb Key, Right Thumb
Rollers (2), E Key, Right Thumb
Rollers (2), F# Key, Right Thumb
Rollers, C / D Keys, Long Joint, Left Thumb
Rollers (4) … C# / D# and F / G#
Roller, Special Wide Version, F# Right Little Finger
Connection A / Whisper Key
Whisper Key Lock, Right Thumb
Balance Hanger (Extended Suspension)
Bocals … 2 Excellent Series (ADG1 & ADG2)
Case, Cover & Accessories

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