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Costomer Reviews

The bassoon reed is remarkable. I could only play one other reed maker's reeds and those were the ones of the legendary Louis Skinner who passed away 30 years ago. Since then, the only reeds I could play were the one I made. Therefore, I was amazed that Legere responded almost exactly like my handmade reeds. I have played it for colleagues in a "close your eyes and listen test" and no one can tell the Legere from my own reeds. Congratulations on an exceptional accomplishment and contribution to the woodwind world. I have heard that work is in progress for an oboe and English horn reed. Please be encouraged to complete that project as well. Sincerely, Stephen Goacher, Howard Payne University

Dear Mr. Legere
I just received my bassoon reeds today. I tried your proto type way back at IDRS in Banff. And I was waiting for this! I ordered a soft and a medium. I like them both. I am going to play the upcoming concerts with them!      Mitch Iimori, Portland, OR


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