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KJI Bassoon Reeds


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Here is what the professionals say about Krassimir Ivanov’s reeds …

"Krassimir Ivanov is a skilled craftsman who makes very high quality
reeds, and I believe that he is one of the best professional reed
makers in the market today."
-Daniel Matsukawa,
Principal Bassoon,
The Philadelphia Orchestra

"The best bassoon reeds on the Market"   Valentin Martchev, Principal Bassoon, San Diego Symphony     

"Mr. Ivanov’s bassoons reeds are in my opinion, the gold standard by which other reeds can be measured. First, his execution of construction is flawless. He chooses cane only of high quality. The finishing work is very suitable for professionals in that the reed has enough mass left to suit the advanced performer. I look for consistency in reeds that I use and I find that in all the reeds he makes … I wish he would make one that would last forever!"

Dennis Godburn, Principal Bassoon, Orchestra of St. Luke’s, Member, Orpheus Chamber Orchestra

"I have had the good fortune to use reeds made by Krassimir Ivanov for some years and to say that I have been satisfied would be an understatement. These are really excellent reeds by any standard … beautifully made and flexible enough to answer the demands of both the recording studio and the concert stage. Highly recommended."

Michael O’Donovan, former Principal San Francisco Symphony, Studio Musician, Los Angeles

"The KJI reeds are about the best I’ve come across … fine finishing, excellent construction … and very nice cane. The best part of KJI design is the strength in the tube, which holds the scrape and keeps the reed vibrant and flexible. They have endurance too, which also comes from that well-balanced tube construction. The tips stay open, which is a problem on almost every other reed I’ve tried from various builders. The KJI reeds are being used daily on major movies and television here in LA! It is the only reed used on the Simpson’s for the last two years and a half years and I am currently working on "War of The Worlds" with John Williams."

David Riddles, former Principal Bassoon, Pacific Symphony, Studio Musician, Los Angeles

"I would like to very strongly recommend the fine K.J.I. bassoon reeds made
by Krassimir Ivanov.
  Having played on 5 of them over the last few months, I can comment that
they are consistently pleasing to my way of bassoon playing.  They have
excellent resonance overall, a very deep low register, and a lovely tone
quality.  Their tuning characteristics are excellent, and the super high
register with them is very strong and clear.    These are characteristic
qualities we all search for in the bassoon reeds we make and use in our
concert performances."

Gerald Corey, ex-Principal Bassoon, Canada's National Arts Centre
Orchestra, Co-founder and Honorary Member, International Double Reed

 KJI Red Bassoon Reed
ade from Rieger cane, shape - Rieger #2 modified by hand for each individual reed. The reed is checked 3 times before dispatched.

KJIR     $33

KJI Black Bassoon Reed
ade from Rieger cane, shape - Rieger #1A. Original German/Rieger thumbnail shadow pattern of the blade. Tuned for Heckel/Moosmann type bassoons.

KJIB     $28

KJI Yellow Bassoon Reed
ade from Rieger cane, shape - Rieger #1A Specifically designed for Fox/Renard bassoons, but will work great on all types of bassoons. Easy to play and control.

KJIY    $28

KJI Green Bassoon Reed $23.00
Made from Rieger cane, shape - Rieger #1A Standard.
 Easy to play with a powerful sound.

KJIG     $23

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