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Danzi Reeds
More information about Danzi

Please be aware that Miller Marketing /Miller Double Reed is the Exclusive importer
Of Danzi Reeds & Cane. There are a few dealers that we sell the Reeds & Cane to.
There are reports of finished products being sold that may not be Danzi,
You can always check it out with us.



Bassoon Cane, Medium / Medium Hard ... Gouged Shaped & Profiled

DBGSPMH  $54.90 / 10 pcs

DBGSPLMH  $54.90 / 10 pcs Wide

medium is slightly softer cane


Bassoon Cane, Medium / Medium Hard... Gouged (1.25 - 1.30 mm)
DBGMH  $29.90 / 10 pcs

medium is slightly softer cane

Bassoon Reed

Bassoon Reed, Hand Made By Mr. Danzi, Professional
DBPR  $27

Bassoon Reed

Bassoon Reed, Standard Grade
DBSR  $22

Bassoon Tube Cane   
        24mm +/-

DBT   $109.00 / kg

Oboe Cane, Medium / Medium Hard.

DOGMH   $29.90 / 10 pcs

Oboe Cane, Medium Hard
Gouged & Shaped

DOGSHMH $34.90 / 10 pcs

Oboe Tube Cane
 (10-10.5 mm & 10.5 - 11 mm)

DOT   $299 / kg

English Horn Tube Cane (12 mm)

DEHT  $279/ kg

Visa / Mastercard are accepted and shipping / handling / insurance is $7.95 minimum per order
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Last Updated: 04/19/17
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