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Danzi Reeds
   Reed & Cane Prices



Please be aware that Miller Marketing /Miller Double Reed is the Exclusive importer
Of Danzi Reeds & Cane. There are a few dealers that we sell the Reeds & Cane to.
There are reports of finished products being sold that not may not be Danzi,
You can always check it out with us.

Mr. Ovidio Danzi is a fully tenured professor at the Academy of Music in Bergamo, Italy. Recently, he was principal solo bassoonist with the RAI Orchestra of Turin. For sixteen years prior to that, he was principal with "La Scala" Theater of Milan. Upon retiring from performing, Mr. Danzi continues to teach and research how to achieve the most advanced solutions in double reeds, both cane and construction, with careful attention to quality, consistency and performance.

To this end, Mr. Danzi has located the best cultivation in the classic "Var" region in southern France and after careful study, has chosen the best crops from the most suitable land. He has developed a special method of preparation of seasoned and semimanufactured cane in order to reach a very high level of quality for each piece of cane. Mr. Danzi's research has led to the development of two distinct cane types, both extremely efficient but each having different qualities to meet the individual preferences of the musician.

    Mr. Danzi has personally tested and experimented with these two types of cane, as well as his colleagues and students. Danzi cane has met with favorable acclaim by many of today's most important artists ... Mr. Klaus Thunemann, Mr. Sergio Azzolini, Kim Walker and Christopher Millard, to name but a few. Danzi cane was introduced to the USA in 1994 at the Bloomington IDRS Conference. It met with instant success with many manufacturers, retailers and artists. At that conference, Stefano Canuti, a student of Mr. Danzi, gave a breathtaldng performance using Mr. Danzi's handmade reed.

    For North America, I am importing the following items with the prices listed beside each, The gouged cane requires your usual preparation. The bassoon gouged, shaped and profiled cane requires that you put the wires just like the finished reed, clip the tip and perform a general, light finishing of the tip. The finished bassoon reed requires just a touch of finishing to the tip to your particular preference of resistance. New for 99 is the Wide shape in GSP. This new wide shape is used and recommended by Chris Millard.




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