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     Straps & Harnesses


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BG Oboe Neck Strap - Mini - Black - Elastic with Leather Pad             BGO33E     $39

BG Oboe Neck Strap with Leather Pad                           BGO33   $29

BG English Horn Neck Strap - Leather - Black - Elastic                      
BGO3OE    $39

BG English Horn Neck Strap, Black Leather
                              BGO3O   $39

Bassoon leather strap, black
BGB04  $30

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Bassoon Shoulder strap, Black
BGBO2   $49

Bassoon Yoke, Large Black
 BGB70  $69

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Bassoon harness for Men & Women, black
BGB10         Large
               BGB11       Ladies         $37
BGB12         Child
BGB13      XLarge
BGB14  XL Ladies

Bassoon seat strap, leather with hook, adjustable, Wide strap for no slipping, brown
BGB05   $37
Bassoon seat strap, leather with adjustable cup, brown
BGB06   $69

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BG Bassoon  Boot Swab
Silk, lint free/non fluffing

        BGA34S  Black  $15.00
    BGA34S1  Multicolor  $15.00

BG Bassoon Wing Swab
 Silk, lint free/non fluffing
            BGA35S  Black  $9.00
    BGA35S1  Multicolor  $9.00

BG Bassoon Bocal Swab

 Silk with double security
 safety cord
           BGA37S  Black  $8.00
    BGA37S1  Multicolor  $8.00

BG Bassoon One Piece Swab
for boot & wing

Silk, lint free/non fluffing         BGA34AS Black $25.00
BG Oboe Swab
 Micro fiber, 1 Part with Safety Cord
                               #BGA36A   $22.00

BG Oboe Swab
 Micro fiber& Chamois, 2 Part with Safety Cord

                               #BGA36   $35.00
English Horn Swab
Micro fiber, 1 Part with Safety Cord

                                #BGA38A   $25.00

English Horn Swab
 Micro fiber& Chamois, 2 Part with Safety Cord
                                #BGA38   $42.00
English Horn stand

Oboe Stand

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Thumb rest for Oboe

Large Thumb rest for Oboe
Dual zippered Tool Pouch with carry strap and elastic loops for tools and place for plaques and small items.
 BGMT1  $39

Apron for repair person with screw catcher
Out of Stock

Bassoon Maker Apron


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